Adirondack Winter Hike Up Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain, located in the center of the Adirondack Wilderness, towers like a giant over its namesake lake, a beautiful body of water speckled with wooded islands.  The mountain stands at 3750′ in elevation, only a couple of hundred feet shy of a High Peak. The trail to the summit is 2 miles long and a popular destination for summer tourists. I, however, prefer to climb old Blue in the winter, it’s far less crowded and the winter wonderworld above 3000′ is something to behold.

Here at the upper elevations in the Adirondacks, the snow is measured in feet rather than inches. The spruce-fir forest that survives this lofty habitat is caked in snow, to the point where the trees take on otherworldly, eerie shapes. This white world is dense and total and utter silence envelopes you. Even familiar Adirondack wildlife, with the exception of the snowshoe hare, has left for more pleasant territory. This frozen landscape is harsh and wildly spectacular.

Steadily climbing from the trailhead, the summit is gained in an hour more or less. To truly enjoy the view one must climb the firetower, which does not escape the grip of snow and ice. From the top of the tower, the Adirondack Wilderness spreads out in every direction, with the High Peaks dominating the skyline to the north, Indian Lake to the south, Tirrell Pond at the foot of the mountain to the east, and Raquette Lake to the west. It’s a breathtaking and rugged scene in which I never cease to be amazed at the immensity of it all.

Plan Accordingly

Although it’s not likely to happen, come prepared in case of accident or sudden inclement weather. Follow Adirondack Hiking & Safety Guidelines. Load your pack with water, food,  flashlight, space blanket, first aid kit, and an extra sweater is good insurance. Snowshoes on the feet are always a good idea. 

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