Adirondack Acreage Listings

Thanks for stopping by to view all the Adirondack Acreage and Property listings that we currently have for sale. We’re glad you’re here and hope you’ll give us a call if you have any questions or if you’re interested in any of our land. The Adirondack Mountains are such a special place to live and play! We have a special selection of Adirondack hunting properties for the outdoorsman.

Winter is upon us we have some great pieces of Adirondack land for sale, including several magnificent riverfront properties. We have added a few more great parcels, including spectacular view lots, lots near Lake Placid, several larger lots with greater acreage that would make for excellent hunting property.

See some Adirondack Acreage you are interested in?

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Rustic Adirondack Cabin on 5 Acres in Beautiful Setting

5 Acres - $ 49,000

5 acres of land with cabin for sale in Adirondacks near Titus Mt Ski Family Ski Center.

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Incredible Adirondack Waterfront Property – Island Camp Lot Surrounded by Twin Waterfalls

Island Property - $ 79,000

Small island for sale in middle of the West Branch of the St. Regis River in the Adirondacks.

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mountain views

72 Acres in Eastern Adirondacks with Small Stream & Beaver Meadows

72 Acres - $ 79,000

72 acres of Adirondack land for sale near Lake Champlain

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220 Acres of Adirondack Mountain Property with Panoramic Views

220 Acres - $ 189,000

220 acres of incredible Adirondack acreage with panoramic views!

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Blue Mountain Lake, Commercial Shop & Vintage Adirondack Cabin For Sale

3 Acres - $ 239,900

Vintage log cabin and commercial shop for sale in Blue Mountain Lake of the Adirondacks!

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a large rock surrounded by trees

Very Attractive 6 Acres with Ideal Location for an Adirondack Cabin

6 Acres - $ 25,000

6 acres of land for sale in Adirondacks near Titus Mountain Ski Center.

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Pine Knoll – 42 Adirondack Acres with Pretty View

42 Acres - $ 59,000

42 acres for sale in northern Adirondacks with a view of Debar Mt.

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88 Acres – Ideal for the Adirondack Hunter & Outdoor Enthusiasts

88 Acres - $ 85,000

Secluded 88 acres of land for sale in the Northern Adirondacks. Perfect for the Adirondack outdoorsman.

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5 Acres in Northern Adirondacks with Scenic View

5 Acres - $ 39,000

5 acres of land for sale in Adirondacks with great views!

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Secluded Adirondack Property

30 Acres of Secluded Adirondack Property

30 Acres - $47,000

If you are looking for a secluded parcel of Adirondack land, this is it. Accessed by a private road, about a 1/2 mile off from the public road.

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Attractive 5 Acre Parcel in the Northern Adirondacks with Nice View

5 Acres - $ 29,000

5 acres for sale in Adirondacks with view.

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Spectacular Adirondack View – 4 Acres Bordering State Land

4 Acres - $ 59,000 - SALE PENDING

Property for sale with rare and stunning Adirondack vista views.

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40 Acres of Beautiful Adirondack Forest with Potential for Family Maple Sugar Bush

40 Acres - $ 59,000 - SALE PENDING

40 acres in the northern Adirondacks bordering state land.

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Mountain Meadow – 18 Acres for Adirondack Homestead

18 Acres - SALE PENDING - $ 49,000

18 acres for sale with beautiful meadow and view in the Adirondacks.

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90 Acres with Sensational Views in the Lake Placid Region

90 Acres - $ 169,000 - SALE PENDING

Incredible 90 acre view lot for sale in Lake Placid region.

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20 Acres For Sale Near Lake George and Brant Lake

20 Acres - $ 69,000 - SALE PENDING

22 acres for sale in the Lake George Region of the Adirondacks.

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Outstanding Adirondack View from 8 Acres of Beautiful Pine Forest

8 Acres - $ 39,000 - SALE PENDING

Beautiful 8 acres for sale - wooded with red pine and has an amazing Adirondack view!

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29 Acres of Secluded Adirondack Land with Nice View

29 Acres - $ 49,000 - SOLD

29 acres in the Adirondacks with a beautiful view for sale!

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7 Acres of Peace in the Pines

7 Acres - $ 24,000 - SOLD

7 acres of lands for sale in Adirondacks surrounded by red pines.

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Spectacular Adirondack Waterfront Property – 5 Acres Bordered on Three Sides by State Land

5 Acres - $ 59,000 - SOLD

Riverfront property in Adirondacks bordered by state land on three sides.

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100 Acres for Adirondack Homestead with Outstanding Views and Frontage on Trophy Trout Water

100 Acres - $ 159,000 - SOLD

100 acres of land for sale in Adirondacks with views and frontage on Saranac River.

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