Adirondack Mountain Land News

At Adirondack Mountain Land, we’ve lived the dream of owning property and living alongside the most magnificent public lands on the East Coast. It’s our goal to help you realize your dream of a life that’s closer to nature. Think of us as your guides to the best properties in the region. We know where to find the prime Adirondack acreage that matches your budget and lifestyle. Read our blog entries to learn more about popular locations, outdoor recreation tips, and get some great ideas to create your own Adirondack adventures.

Snow shoes hanging on a log cabin

Five Key Tips to Building a Cabin On Your Adirondack Land

Building your home or cabin is exciting, especially as you work to create your perfect escape from busy urban life! The Adirondacks offer six million acres of unspoiled mountains, forests, and waterways. With so many choices, building a cabin might feel like a dizzying prospect— but not if you know where to start. It’s less […]

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Common Lakes in the Adirondacks

The Adirondacks are home to thousands of lakes, ponds, and rivers, offering unparalleled paddling and boating opportunities, among other outdoor activities. While it would take many lifetimes to explore them all, there are several that simply cannot be missed. Their rich history and natural beauty make each one a remarkable place to visit and an […]

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leave no trace sign

The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace

If you have spent any amount of time in the Adirondacks or the backcountry, it is likely you have heard the term “LNT” in passing. But what is LNT? Why is it so important? The 7 Principles of Leave No Trace serve as an indispensable set of tools that guide and teach us how to […]

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tine house on waterfront

Why the Adirondacks are Tiny House Friendly

You have done your research and come to the conclusion that living in a tiny house is the perfect choice for you. But where will you actually put it? With an affordable piece of land for sale in the Adirondacks you can make your dream of owning a tiny house, a reality. While building a […]

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yellow crocus flowers breaking through snow

The Beauty of Owning Adirondack Property in the Spring

Spring sometimes gets a muddy reputation in the mountains, but spring is actually an awesome time to own Adirondack properties. From the end of March through the end of June, the Adirondacks truly come alive. Flowering trees and greening meadows slowly take over the snowy slopes and wildlife comes out of hibernation. Truly, there’s nothing […]

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FAQs About Twin Ponds Preserve & Adirondack Waterfront Property

Twin Ponds Preserve offers Adirondacks lakefront property in a secluded 4,300-acre area. Located in the northern reaches of the Adirondack Wilderness area, Twin Ponds is a hidden gem that includes a pristine 500-acre lake with nearly 7 miles of shoreline. Here are a few frequently asked questions we get about life in and around Twin […]

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hands of an ice fisherman pulling line out of hole in ice

Ice Fishing Spots in The Adirondacks

The Adirondack Park of New York is renowned for its wealth of recreation opportunities. Each summer and fall hundreds of thousands of people flock to the Adirondacks to experience the natural beauty. But, if you’re only visiting during the summer you’re missing out on endless winter recreation activities. So, if you think winter is only […]

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