Five Key Tips to Building a Cabin On Your Adirondack Lot

Building your home or cabin is exciting, especially as you work to create your perfect escape from busy urban life! The Adirondacks offer six million acres of unspoiled mountains, forests, and waterways.

With so many choices, building a cabin might feel like a dizzying prospect— but not if you know where to start. It’s less stressful when you know you have a strong, experienced team bringing regional and building knowledge guiding you throughout the process.

Here are five quick tips to help you build the cabin of your dreams on your own piece of Adirondack property.

Tip #1: High-Quality Materials
Now that you’ve decided to build, make sure that your vision is backed by a builder you trust who is familiar with the land and uses high-quality materials. You want something that will stand tall throughout time and the Adirondacks’ climate. This is why at Adirondack Mt Land, we exclusively offer Amish Built — we want to offer you the highest quality cabins on the market.

Enjoy the gorgeous views and fun outdoor lifestyle that the Adirondacks offer in a 100% solid wood log cabin home that provides a classic rustic look coupled with reliable construction. Each piece of wood is carefully selected and every nail, joint, and cut is made with the utmost attention to detail.

Tip #2: Choose Your Building Site Carefully
As you begin to explore the option of building directly on your lot, choose your building site with care. After all, this is where you’ll grow your gardens, hunt, and enjoy all that the Adirondacks have to offer.

To start, think about the qualities you want in the land and, specifically, the building site where you plan to construct your cabin. Our experienced team has been clearing and assisting with building sites for decades.

Properties near Lake George offer quick access to the crystal clear waters of the lake and the lively village; all of which features plenty of recreational summer and winter activities. Lake Placid, on the other hand, offers you the privacy of the woods with only a short drive into town and lake for activities.

Tip #3: Build to support your lifestyle
Are you looking for a prime location for hunting? We are hunters ourselves, so we know what features make a property ideal for safe, productive, and enjoyable hunting. Looking for fantastic fishing? Many of the Adirondack Mountain’s rivers are brimming with prize-winning trout. They are also fantastic for outdoor adventures like rafting and canoeing.

Tip #4: Keep the Views In Mind
The views in the Adirondacks are second to none and offer year-round panoramic views of mountains, rivers, lakes, meadows, and wildlife. Before you settle on a piece of land, think hard about what you would like to wake up to every morning!

Each of our properties is carefully hand-selected to bring the picturesque views and solid, buildable land with your future cabin in mind. From large acreage – 68 or even 290 acres – to smaller plots of 5 acres, you’ll feel on top of the world.

Tip #5: Consider the amenities
While you love the look of a rustic cabin, you still want your home to be comfortable. Whether you plan to build within a short drive of a village like Lake George or you simply want to make sure your cabin has cozy comforts like a wood stove, make sure you talk through those details with your builder.

There are many different amenities available that will make your cabin feel truly personalized to your specific needs. For instance, a porch can add decorative value as well as a nice resting spot to enjoy the views. You can also purchase a cabin that is wired for electric (off-grid) giving you the benefits of modern conveniences in rustic style living.

Build with confidence knowing that the Adirondack Mt Land team has your back! Our Adirondack cabins are rustic in style but strong in durability, supported and surrounded by the beauty of the Adirondacks. Contact us today so we can start talking!

What an Amish Built Adirondack Cabin Means For You

For those wilderness lovers who are eager to settle into the Adirondack life, we offer a selection of prime Adirondack real estate with beautifully crafted cabins already on site. All of our Adirondack cabins are Amish built in the authentic log cabin style with handcrafted details and modern amenities. What sets our Amish made cabins apart from the rest? We’ve highlighted the several advantages our Amish built cabins offer.

The Amish Made Cabin Difference

Quality Materials
Our Amish cabins are only made from 100% solid wood. Unlike today’s conventional cabins, Amish built cabins are never made from composite wood products or wood veneers. Each piece of lumber is hand selected by an artisan builder from the most durable part of the tree to maintain structural integrity, so you can be assured your cabin is built to last. Moreover, as your Amish cabin is made from wood and not treated with toxic chemicals like resins, it is eco-friendly and will not harm the Adirondack environment you love so much.

As the Amish don’t use electricity, all methods of construction must be done by hand with a keen eye for detail. The heirloom-quality construction is informed by generations of traditional building methods, which means the end result is a handcrafted and durable product which cookie cutter builders just can’t match. Each Amish craftsman is trained to carefully review each step of the construction process to maintain quality craftsmanship. Every nail, every joint, every cut is made with the utmost attention to detail.

Timeless Look
Unlike mass-produced cabins, our Amish built cabins offer simple, rustic designs that will never go out of style. From the handcrafted details like exposed beams and log-pole porches that have become synonymous with Adirondack Mountain style, your cabin will remain looking timeless for years to come.

Made in America
When you purchase an Amish made cabin, you are supporting a community of American craftsmen. The Amish hold a set of religious beliefs that lead them to live in small rural communities separate from the modern world. Furniture selling is one of the few outlets the Amish have to the outside world and provides the financial stability many Amish communities need, as well as carrying on the cabin-making legacy.

Purchase your Amish Made Adirondack Cabin today!

Interested in owning your very own Amish built Adirondack hunting cabin? We have a limited supply of move-in ready, turn-key hunting cabins for sale, so contact us today!

Important Features of an Adirondack Hunting Camp

It can take years to complete your ideal piece of Adirondack hunting land with a solid, comfortable hunting cabin, so why not purchase land with a cabin already on site? Whether you’re looking to get away for a weekend hunting expedition, or to escape city-life all together and live off the grid, we offer several parcels of land already equipped with beautifully crafted and newly built Adirondack hunting cabins. Our cabins are in the authentic Adirondack log cabin design and combine the rustic style of log pole porch railings and exposed beams with modern amenities, such as wood stoves and electric wiring. Newly built and of reliable construction, our hunting camp are the perfect escape from busy city life, but not all hunting cabins are created equal. Here are some important features you should consider when purchasing a hunting cabin:

Location, location, location. An ideal hunting camp is dependent upon location. Whether you’re looking to for a lakeside getaway, a hunter’s paradise with a large wildlife clearing, or to be in a wooded area, secluded without a neighbor in sight, there are a variety of locations in the Adirondacks to choose from depending on your likes and interests. All of our Adirondack cabins are situated on the most sought-after land, private, yet close to hiking and snowmobile trails, as well as ski centers and modern conveniences.

One of the perks of owning a cabin in the Adirondacks is waking up to the majestic view of the mountains and wildlife. Just like your location, a view is an important feature to consider when selecting your ideal hunting cabin, and thankfully, the Adirondacks have a variety to choose from: will you choose to look out over a serene lake, the rugged wilderness, or a panorama of famous mountain ranges? Here’s a tip: Make sure your cabin has plenty of windows so you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Adirondacks from the inside.

In addition to adding decorative value and that rustic log-pole and railing log cabin look, cabin porches are functional elements to any hunting cabin. These simple additions provide an escape from the rain during outside activities, additional storage, and simply a spot to sit out and enjoy the view while having your morning coffee.

Wood Stove
If you’re considering using your hunting cabin year-round, a simple wood stove is a necessity for staying warm and cozy during those chilly Fall/Winter days and evenings. Wood stoves should be placed on a non-flammable surface like ceramic tile or a sheet of metal and at least a foot from the cabin’s walls for safety.

For those not looking to “rough it” too much, consider purchasing a cabin that is wired for electric (off-grid). This option is perfect for homeowners looking for modern conveniences in rustic style living, providing a comfortable and contemporary shelter from which to explore the beauty of this vast wild region.

We have a limited supply of move-in ready, turn-key hunting camps for sale, so contact us today!