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view from baldface mountain in summer

Baldface Mt

Baldface Mt at 2,867′ in elevation is the kid brother to Debar Mt (3,305′), the dominant peak in the northern Adirondacks. Baldface and Debar stand shoulder to shoulder with Debar Pond nestled in a steep valley between the two peaks. Baldface has a lot of character; rising very steeply on every side, it just seems […]

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The Adirondack Mountains are home to many gorgeous lakes

The Appeal of Adirondack Property

Living in such a beautiful place as the Adirondacks, traveling it’s roads, hiking it’s trails, and canoeing it’s waters on a year round basis is such a great blessing to me, but perhaps the familiarity of it all can damper it’s wonder to a certain extent. However, one of the joys of showing Adirondack property […]

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view from top of mountain in winter with snowy trees and mountains in distance

Northern Adirondacks and St. Regis Mountain

In the heart of the lake and river country of the northern Adirondacks rises St. Regis Mt at 2,874′ in elevation. It’s not a large mountain by High Peaks standards, but is prominent in its location in the midst of this beautiful wilderness of water. From its open peak and fire tower are commanding views […]

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gone hunting driftwood sign hanging on door

What Makes Adirondack Property Ideal for Hunting?

Ready to purchase NY hunting land where you can cultivate a herd and provide an ideal habitat for deer, bear, pheasants, or small game? There are a lot of factors that go into finding the perfect parcel of Adirondack hunting land in Upstate NY, but for those looking for multi-purpose hunting property, there is no […]

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silhouette of 2 red deer stags in morning fog

Adirondack Deer Hunting Property

For generations, hunters and woodsmen, young and old, have headed for the woods and deer camps of the Adirondacks to experience the thrill of the hunt and camaraderie with fellow hunters. Such has been the case with my family since the 1920’s, when my grandfather and his brothers, as young men, established a hunting camp […]

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bright orange fall leaves

Fall Foliage in the Adirondacks

A sea of green covering millions of acres of Adirondack forestland slowly begins to change around Labor Day. For the next few weeks the change is slow, as the great upland forest of maple, birch and beech begins to prepare for winter. As the chlorophyll that gives their leaves its deep green color starts to […]

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reflection of clouds on quebec brook

An Adirondack Treasure – Quebec Brook

A perfect late summer day on Quebec Brook in the northern Adirondacks, a beautiful stream where you are sure to find yourself alone in wild country. The boreal forest of the Canadian north, consisting of black spruce and tamarack, is common in this region of the Park. There is something about the vast stretches of […]

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morning fog and tree reflections on round lake

Views of Round Lake Make for a Peaceful Adirondack Morning

Dawn is a great time to be on the water; intense early morning light, still waters, and the noise of birdsong. This is Round Lake, located near Little Tupper in the central Adirondacks. In the distance is the lonesome call of a loon, and nearby the repetitive verse of the white throated sparrow…..”Old Canada, Canada, […]

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Adirondack Rainbow

Rainbow in the Adirondacks

Hot summer days produce late afternoon thundershowers here in the Adirondack Mts. This spectacular rainbow occurred after such a storm, as seen from the front porch of my home on the Adirondack acreage I own near Long Lake. Check out some of the view listings for sale by Adirondack Mt Land and catch the shows […]

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