Everton Falls

It’s early spring at Everton Falls. Well, maybe. Winter, in it’s final death gasp, has painted the landscape white with snow overnight. The temperature hangs at 19 degrees on this April morning. The East Branch of the St. Regis River tells the truth; it’s spring alright. Recent rains and melting snow have swollen the river to near flood stage, and as the river drains the vast wetland to the east, it narrows and throws itself head over heals over a granite ledge creating the beautiful spectacle named Everton Falls. So unique are these falls, the Nature Conservancy has preserved over 500 acres and 1.5 miles of river frontage for the public to enjoy. There is a self-guided nature trail one mile long on the preserve and a canoe launch above the falls is the starting point for a wilderness canoe trip 9 miles upriver, as it twists and turns through spruce-fir forest, alder-beds, and wetland meadows. Dark deep pools hold native brook trout and wildlife abounds. Below the falls is a series of mini falls, rapids, and stillwaters lined with towering balsam fir trees. If ever there was a classic scene out of the wild north woods, this is it.

How to Reach Everton Falls in the Adirondacks

Everton Falls can be reached by taking the Red Tavern Rd (Co Rt 14) west of State Rt 30 in Duane. There is another canoe access to the East Branch off from RT 458 west of Santa Clara. By putting in at this access, with two vehicles available, you can canoe down to Everton Falls, which is a distance of about 5 miles.

Everton Falls Everton Falls Everton Falls