5 Acres in Northern Adirondacks with Scenic View

5 Acres - $ 39,000 - SALE PENDING

Situated on a high knoll in an attractive setting of pines, is an ideal location for an Adirondack cabin with a pretty western view of rugged, wild mountains. The property is in a secluded location accessed by a private road. The land is wooded with tall, straight red pines, perfect for a handcrafted log cabin. The clearing for the view would make a beautiful mountain meadow.

For more information regarding this region, visit: https://www.adirondackmtland.com/general/owls-head-duane-region-of-the-northern-adirondacks/

State land and the Salmon River is nearby. The Salmon offers a day long canoe trip through a uniquely beautiful boreal forest, here is a drone video of the river:

Salmon River