Adirondack Property: Blueberry Meadow

8 Acres - $ 22,000 - SALE PENDING

Located in the northern Adks, 8 acres of Adirondack property consists of pretty open meadows with an abundance of wild blueberry bushes. Mixed in the meadow are scattered white pine, white birch, and black cherry trees. There is a modest view of mountains from a homesite in the back corner of the property. In addition to frontage on a paved town road where there is available power, there is a driveway that provides good access to the rear of the property and an adjoining landowner beyond.

This piece of Adirondack property is close to Owls Head Mt, which has a trail to an open summit, giving panoramic views of lakes and mountains to the south. Mountain View – Indian Lakes are nearby with a public boat launch giving motor boat access and opportunities for bass and pike fishing.